How can my content marketing generate leads?

The key is to hire a white paper writer to apply a data-driven approach to answer industry pain points with actionable insight. The next step is to focus on more specific challenges with engaging content executives want to read.



Need leads from compelling content?

“Sean helps us produce compelling business reports which drive lead generation marketing campaigns for enterprise tech clients by taking in a variety of data and research sources and applying a journalist’s nose for telling a great story. He has a talent for helping us turn data into actionable guidance through insightful reports and articles.”

John Horsley, Founder of Digital Doughnut and Demand Exchange

“Sean is a very experienced and effective operator who has a great knack for getting the most interesting insights possible from the people he interviews, and then communicating that information in a straightforward way that resonates with readers.”

Linus Gregoriadis, Director, London Research.

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